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VESDA aspirating smoke detectors work by:

Continually drawing air into a pipe network attached to a detector unit.

Passing the air through a dual stage filter to remove dirt sending the clean air to a laser detection chamber for smoke detection.

Measuring the light scatter caused by any smoke Processing the detector signal and presenting the smoke level graphically


VESDA detectors provide the earliest possible warning of a fire event

VESDA aspirating smoke detectors provide the earliest possible warning of an imminent fire hazard.


Why is this important? It buys time:  

Time to investigate a smoke alarm.

Time to take action.

Time to avoid the danger, damage and disruption caused by fire.

To illustrate the advantage that a VESDA system provides, let's look at how a fire progresses:

All fires (both smoldering and fast flaming types) are comprised of four stages: Incipient (Pre-Combustion), Visible Smoke, Fast Flaming and Intense Heat.

Notice how smoke levels are extremely low in the first stage (Incipient Stage) of a fire and rise dramatically as the fire ignites and begins to burn, sometimes uncontrollably.

This Incipient Stage and it is by far the most docile stage of the fire. During this stage, the density of the smoke is so low that it is virtually invisible to the human eye and below the detectable range of conventional devices.

During the second stage, (Visible Smoke), smoke becomes more visible and reaches a critical density. It is only at this late point in the progression of the fire that conventional-type smoke detection systems alarm to the presence of smoke.

Smoke becomes more visible when it transitions into the third stage (Flaming Fire). This is where smoke density increases, and flaming fire erupts, narrowing response options, increasing danger and damage, which results in business disruption.

During stage four, (Intense Heat), both smoke density and flaming fire increase exponentially, causing devastating damage and triggering fire suppression systems.

Clearly the BEST time for detection is the incipient stage, the point where damage is minimized and response options maximized, and it is here where VESDA affords you a critical advantage: ... time

VESDA monitors the entire progression of a fire - easily detecting fire long before smoke is visible and long before any other forms of detection.

With the world's widest sensitivity range, VESDA produces multi-level warnings at the very early stage of an impending fire. This provides the valuable time necessary to initiate a flexible, appropriate response. Within the Incipient Stage of the fire, VESDA easily detects minute levels of smoke present in the air and offers up to three levels of alarm, all with adjustable thresholds, before there is visible smoke, flaming fire, or intense heat, and often long before disruption, damage, or injury can take place.

To provide complete protection, VESDA offers a fourth alarm, Fire 2, operating throughout the later stages of a fire. Fire 2 is typically programmed to release suppression.

This enormously wide range allows a single detector to uniquely monitor the entire progression of a fire.

VESDA detectors provide solutions for a diverse group of applications ranging from small areas, or cabinets to large open spaces. Below is a partial list of areas where VESDA systems can be used. More information can be found in the Applications or Industry areas.

Telecommunications: VESDA systems are installed worldwide in these mission critical facilities, and maintain national supply agreements with the world’s leading telecommunication organizations.

Cultural Facilities: Concealed sampling techniques possible with a VESDA system make it virtually undetectable, while very early detection helps to avoid suppression release.

Correctional Facilities: In areas where maintenance access is difficult, or vandalism is an issue, VESDA detectors can be mounted in one central area outside of the protected location. All maintenance and testing can be performed at the VESDA detector.

Data Centers: VESDA detectors provide "Peace of Mind" while protecting valuable data in financial data centers, stock exchanges, and other areas where electronics drive today’s modern businesses.

Manufacturing: VESDA products help to avoid costly production stops in semi-conductor manufacturing plants, as well as other controlled facilities.

Warehousing: VESDA products provide solutions for high value warehousing including archive storage, high-rack, and difficult environments such as refrigerated stores and hazardous good storage.


Very early detection without false alarms.
When installed properly, VESDA Air Sampling Smoke Detectors are virtually free from nuisance or false alarms. The ability to set time delays, and unique VESDA advanced features such as AutoLearn and Referencing, all work to ensure nuisance alarms are not the source of business disruption. These features allow a VESDA detector to automatically adjust itself to the ambient environment being monitored. This ensures the systems will maintain their sensitivity and reliability, and freedom from nuisance alarms, in virtually any environment.



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