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Industry Information

The Industry Information section provides a look at overall industry structure, current conditions, key players, future developments, as well as background perspective on the products produced.

Industry Information:
Industry Information: The following document provides industry information for SIC 2493.
Industry Snapshot:
Particleboard is created from wood splinters, shavings, and sawdust that are bonded together under pressure and heat, using resins and adhesives. The primary markets for particleboard include furniture, cabinets, and doors…
Background and Development:
The first market opportunities for commercial fiberboard began with the chemical industry’s development of high strength resins. In 1997, shipments of particleboard and medium density fiberboard were estimated at $4.2 billion. In 2007, the market had increased to $23.2 billion, due to improved…
Current Conditions:
North Carolina remains the leading producer of reconstituted wood products. The Asian furniture market is the primary target for U.S. exports…
Industry Leaders:
Really Large Board, Inc. is the largest producer of medium-density fiberboard, a reconstituted wood product. The company’s sales in 2007 totaled $53 billion…
Although employment in the industry has declined steadily during the 2000s, there are an estimated 30,000 people employed in the reconstituted wood products industry, led by the states of North Carolina and Oregon…

The Key Processes section provides an introduction to the basic manufacturing processes used within the industry, including important technology and equipment. This description is limited to manufacturing companies or divisions employing one or two key processes to produce their products.
Key Processes:
Advanced technology and processing have improved the quality of fiberboard. These include innovations in wood preparation, resin recipes, press technology, and panel sanding techniques. Innovations in press technology have shortened overall pressing cycles, while anti-static technology has also contributed to increased belt life during the sanding process.
Wood preparation
Producing fiberboard begins with the selection and refinement of the raw materials, most of which are shavings and chips reclaimed from sawmills and plywood plants. The raw material is first cleaned of any metal impurities using a magnet. Next, the material is separated into large chunks and small flakes. Flakes are separated into sawdust and wood chip piles…

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